I just realised I have fury ears. Who knew.

I am a commercial, portrait and travel photographer based in Australia. An Englishman born to expatriate parents in Bahrain, I have since lived and travelled all over the world, and the sunny beaches of Sydney are now my home.

I have a natural curiosity with capturing our three dimension world in my own two dimensional imagery and style. I like to think that personally important elements such as light, lines and symmetry are always present somewhere in my photographs. Thoughtfully uncomplicated photography.

With a decade of experience, I’ve been extremely lucky that my photography has allowed me to work in some exciting and varying industries including travel, architecture & interiors, education, fashion, medical, technology, corporate, motorcycle and lifestyle.

My personal projects are predominantly focused around my love of portraiture, travel, motorcycles and the ocean.

With a diploma in Commercial Imaging, I can say I’m as comfortable working with clients, talent and crew within a controlled studio lighting environment, as I am with being totally alone working in remote natural light locations like the desert. As long as there is a balance and a diversity in my photography life, and I’m working with good people on interesting projects that push me to continually learn, then I’d be greedy asking for anything more.


Clients include: Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Harley Davidson Australia, Moto Guzzi, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Microsoft, Sony PlayStation, Carat, Charter Hall, Blundstone, THINK Education, UTS Sydney, Life Instyle, Macquarie Neurosurgery, Meat & Livestock Australia, The Throttle Dolls, Australian Graduate School of Management