Morocco. Black & White series II of II

2nd part of this little black and white series...

During a very hot, dry Ramadan last July, we travelled east from the beautiful confusion of Marrakesh, up over the vivid High Atlas mountains and across the dusty baked savannas to the the desert village of Merzouga on the Algerian boarder.  From here we took the southern loop back around to the shabby Atlantic surf town of Tagazout, and finally a few kms north to the artisan city of Essaouira for Eid al-Fatr.

Our journey gave us ancient medinas, soukes, and legions of minarets. Timeworn and abandoned riads, lush palmeraies, Saharan sand dunes and Berber desert camps. Nerve-racking low-fuel car journeys through the 50°+ desert tracks, a camel ride crash (yep, that happened), surprising local musical encounters, and the promise of the infamous Argan fruit-pooping 'goats in trees' (Eilidh reckons she glimpsed this phenomena from the car, but I didn't see it?!)

Sahara silvers

Sahara silvers

This last shot again taken by Eilidh.... me waiting half asleep for the the sunrise over the Sahara Desert